Wide range of applications

REELFLEX couplings cover a wide range of requirements. Available in 27 different sizes, couplings are available for a range of torques extending from 5 to 250,000 Nm.

Torsionally flexible and vibration damping

REELFLEX couplings damp torque impacts and allow shifting of critical speeds.


They require no maintenance except for regular checking of the flexibles.


REELFLEX couplings are available in two types. In the basic type D which consists of three parts, releasing and withdrawing part 3 enables input and output to be separated without axial displacement. Furthermore this enables an comfortable replacement of the flexibels. The two-part type B necessitates axial displacement by the length of the fingers for the purpose of separation.

Without fail-safe device

REELFLEX couplings without fail-safe device allow positive disconnection of input and output side upon failureof the flexible elements.

Angular, radial and axial flexibility

Due to the flexible elements angular, radial and axial shaft displacements can be balanced as required.

Independent of the direction of rotation

REELFLEX couplings can be used for both directions of rotations and are therefore suitable for reversing operation.